Jubilee-Art by Jane Barr is a place where spirit, soul and whimsy come together in joyful relationship. All Jane's paintings are reverent expressions of this union.

Jane Barr's soul paintings are reflections of sacred images communicated from your soul to hers for your awakening.

Jane's commissioned paintings are inspired renderings of your most treasured places, whether physical or from other realms.

Jane Barr's pet portraits capture the spirit and nature of your beloved animal friends.

Her kaleidoscope mandalas combine symbols, colors and patterns to invite “soul dialogue” between you and your higher self.

Jane would like to thank each of you who enter her life through the sacred portal of her art.


Jubilee Art   Jubilee Art

Soul Paintings

A Soul Painting is the medium through which your soul speaks to Jane. The finished painting calls your attentiveness to the soul’s message and invites contemplation. The images can release into your conscious mind any number of things: perhaps a long-denied passion, a hope, dream, or direction for the future, the resolution or healing of a past event (including past lives), a promise or mission carried throughout your life (or many lifetimes).

This is an amazing process.